Makeover Monday: Spending By Generation

For this weeks Makeover Monday we are taking a look at consumer spending by generation and category. In the original visualization below you can easily see how each individual generation spent in each category.

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I thought it would be interesting to break the data visualization out by category. I wanted to easily scan the categories to see how each generation spent differently.

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By breaking the visualization out by category I found it easier to see what categories each generation valued the most. For instance, you instantly see that Traditionalist are more likely to cook at home as they spend the most on Groceries and the least in Resturants. You can also see how the Millenials are the complete opposite of the Traditionalists in these categories with the lowest spending in Grocery complemented by the highest spending in Resturants. As a Millennial who rarely eats out and cooks most meals from scratch this one initially surprised me.

You can also see other interesting associations, like how Millennials spend the most on Hobbies, and the least on Furniture/Building. As a generation that values experiences over things, these spending patterns make sense.

After looking at both visualizations what questions do you have? Did you create a Makeover Monday visualization? Share the link, I would love to see it.

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