This project was an interesting follow up analysis that was made possible after competing the Page Purpose Project. The client wanted to understand how customers were interacting with the website and where possible improvements could be made to increase lead generation.

When looking at high traffic low funnel pages my initial findings showed that customers at this stage of the funnel were indeed interacting with the site exactly how the client intended. This however did not help us with identifying new opportunity and so I decided to take a different approach.

For the next phase of this project I focused entirely on high funnel pages. These pages were ranking well on Google and as a result were generating a large volume of traffic for the site, however visitors to these pages were not interacting with the site as intended. Visitors to these pages were not being moved down the funnel, in fact very few of them would ever return to the site based on a churn analysis.

I was able to find only a select few high funnel pages that were moving visitors through the funnel and into leads. The vast majority of high funnel pages with high traffic were not moving visitors through a customer experience.

Upon further investigation of these pages it became evident that these pages had not been structured with hyperlinks or call to actions that would lead a visitor on a specific journey.

Based on my findings we were able to identify high opportunity pages to updated to provide a more complete customer journey that would help to move visitors into the acquisition funnel.