This project was an interesting project that was made possible after competing the Page Purpose Project. The client wanted to understand how customers were interacting with the website and where possible improvements could be made to increase lead generation.

The initial findings of this project showed that on a high level customers were interacting with the site exactly how the client intended. This however was not helpful in identifying opportunity.

For the next phase of this project I focused entirely on high funnel pages. These pages were getting traffic however flow from these pages were not performing as intended. Visitors to these pages were not being moved down the funnel, in fact very few of them would ever return to the site based on a churn analysis.

I was able to find a few high funnel pages that were moving visitors through the funnel and into leads. Based on my findings we were able to find high opportunity pages and develop a plan of action for the web team to update high opportunity pages so that these pages would not only drive in traffic but would move those visitors through the funnel.