For this project I was asked to look into the data behind a stagnant over all year over year lead growth. This was despite SEO and Lead Gen both displaying year over year growth.

Through this analysis I was able to identify that leads from email marketing were a significant channel when it came to lead gen for the site. The issue had remained hidden by siloed departments who were only responsible for their own KPI’s while there was not a party responsible for overall site impact. The email team had continued to increase performance year over year based on their KPI’s, however their pipeline had decreased severally.

This analysis lead me to find the real issue behind stagnated lead growth which was linked back to the removal of the subscriber pop from the home page earlier in the year. The home page had the highest traffic on the site, with the majority of visitors only visiting one page on the site a large portion of traffic was never shown a subscriber pop.

For this analysis I presented the potential impact that removing the subscriber pop had on lead generation as well as what our potential outcome could be if the client were to emphasis subscribers moving forward.