K-Means Cluster Analysis

Ecommerce Product Segmentation

Used K-Means Clustering Algorithm to identify product segments based on quantities and sales to better manage inventory and support marketing strategies.

ARIMA Forecasting Model

Ecommerce Product Demand Forecasting

Used the ARIMA Forecasting Model to predict future product demand to help support ecommerce inventory management.

Data Studio Dashboard

Ecommerce Product Analysis Dashboard

Created a Data Visualization to convey the findings from the Product Cluster Analysis and Product Demand Forecasting projects.

Multiple Linear Regression Forecasting

Marketing Mix Model

Used Economic and Historical Data to build a model that forecasts conversions focusing on the impact of the engineered feature “Tv Ad Stock” in combination with online marketing efforts.

NLP Machine Learning

Page Purpose Project

Leveraged Natural Language Processing to categorize thousands of content pages for customer journey purpose. Prepared pages for further performance analysis and recommender system integration.

Data Mining

Python Web Scrapper

Utilized Python for data mining. This is a code demo of the web scrapper that I built to collect the necessary data for the Page Purpose Project.

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