My current WIP is an epic sci-fi space opera trilogy.

I am currently deep in the editing process on book 1 in this series and am planning to draft book 2 during Nanowrimo 2023!


Earth that was has faded to myth.
Humanity are no longer nomads.
Brought together under the United Tribal Axis.
The 12 Tribes are united in the known galaxies.
But there is a signal in the darkness.
That threatens our very existence.
On the brink of war.
Will we survive?

An Admiral.
A Commander.
A Rogue.
And a Scientist.

Brought together by circumstance. Held together by duty.

Can they find a way to work together to save humanity?

I am currently introducing the characters for this book on my Instagram account @amberraetoro do you want to meet the crew?

The Rouge:

Skyla Karsten

Meet Skyla Karsten aka The Rogue. Ex-UTA Naval officer. Ace pilot. Archeologist, scavenging Old World tech from beyond the borders of the known galaxies.

She is smart, adventurous, and wild. She loves traveling to new places, great food, and a nice glass of whiskey.

The Scientist:

Rohaan Dar

Meet Rohaan Dar aka The Scientist. An outcast from his peers for his belief in aliens, he specializes in Old World tech and deep space signal translation.

He is brilliant, sweet, and loyal. Rohaan loves old books, Chai tea, and electronic music.

Freyja Nygaard

Meet Freyja Nygaard The Admiral. The newest United Tribal Axis Admiral for the Stjarna Tribe.

She is fiercely protective of her berserkers, hot tempered, and secretly finds peace in gardening

Character art releasing soon!

Hinata Azai

Meet Hinata Azai aka The Commander. A once up and coming officer in the UTA he has been banished to the quiet station of Medina following a public failure. 

He is a master swordsman, tactician and strategist. He is  always in control, and holds himself to a strict honor code. He loves his home world, koi fish, and hand to hand combat. 

Charcter Art releasing soon!